Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favortie Summer Olympic Sports

I am so psyched for the Olympics to start on Friday night!!   I am a total Olympics junkie....all 3 DVRs in my house will be recording all day long and I will be catching everything else I can online.  Me and Jon are planning on playing the opening ceremonies drinking game for the second time (you guess how many athletes are competing from the next country in the parade...whoever is the furthest off has to drink) and I am super excited to see what the Brits do for entertainment.  Sure, their presentation at the 2008 Olympics was a little lackluster especially after the crazy Beijing opening ceremony, but they have so many awesome performers to choose from I think we'll at least get some great you get to see the Queen, and who doesn't love that!

Before the games get underway, here's a list of my 10 favorite Summer Olympic events, and 5 that I just can't get into no matter how much I try:

Top 10 Favorite Events (in no particular order):

Beach Volleyball - I am terrible at volleyball, but I find it extremely entertaining to watch
Rowing - Something about the rhythmic rowing motions just really relaxes me
Rhythmic Gymnastics - It's really close to watching an indoor guard show!
Canoe Slalom -  Whitewater rafting, in a canoe, while trying to go through a Slalom course.....sooooo good
Synchronized Diving - Regular diving is amazing...but synchronized diving!!!! How do you even begin to learn how to do this
Trampoline - Just plain fun...and nerve racking because it always looks like they're about to hit the edge and break a leg
Equestrian - Has always been one of my favorites since I was little...equestrian is actually broken into 3 events - two are great (Cross-Country and Jumping) but see below for my thoughts on the third
Gymnastics - I think every girl dreams of being a gymnast when they're little...watching it on TV when you grow up is the next best thing though
Track and Field - Another great drinking game sport!  Take a chance and pick the underdog country of your choice
Swimming - I know the cool thing to do these days is watch swimming, but I was a fan before it was cool!

5 Events I can't get into:

Shooting - So confusing....I can never tell who's actually winning in these shooting events, especially the indoor ones
Horse Dressage - You have to watch this one to get it.  I'll give the riders credit, getting a horse to walk in a diagonal line must take a lot of skill, but every rider does the same exact loooong routine
Weight Lifting - I get too nervous watching weight always feels someone is thiiissss close to getting seriously hurt
Boxing - There is so much boxing during the Olympics! Every morning it's just non-stop
Soccer - Do I even need to explain?

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