Saturday, July 7, 2012

Go and see.....Magic Mike

No really....go see it. Especially if you like Stephen Soderberg. It's starts off as a fun stripper story with lots of ass cheeks and crotch grabs, but it grows into a really great movie. Chaning Tatum is extremely likeable, the female characters actually have personalities (shock!), and I'm pretty sure that Matthew McConaughey wasn't acting but just channeling his everyday life. The last half really reminded me of Boogie Nights, but just skimmed the surface of the darker side of Mike's life. That might have bothered me in another movie, but I was glad that Soderberg didn't got too far down that path because I wanted to leave liking Mike, and I did. Also lots of shots of bare chested Joe Manganiello would probably make me like any movie.

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