Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy New Year (yeah I know it's July...just go with it)

So after a few very trying, exhausting months at the Boehmke household, I've decided that it's time to bring some positive energy back into my life....and what better way to do that then to put aside time every week to share with the world the things that I am most happy for!  Instead of using this space to rant about politics, or my annoying neighbors, or everything else that really "grinds my gears," I'm going to write about the things that make me happy, the things that I'm proud of, and the things I'm looking forward to.

To that end - let me share with you the 10 things this week that have made me happy, which will be a regular feature on my blog, so Stay Tuned!

From Left to Right:
Row 1 -
1. The greatest little man in the world....every week he gets cuter and he is in a box
2. Going to see Magic Mike tonight with Antoinette
3. Looking forward to spending time at the beach next week with my friends
4. My niece Adalyn in her 4th of July Dress and bloomers
5. The "Life's a Happy Song" song from the Muppet my head all the time

Row 2-
6. The flag cupcakes I made for my mom's birthday
7. Getting to spend Sunday's at the pool with Blake and Jon
8. Watching season 1 of Buffy with Eaphis
9. This note that Jon left me on my iPad yesterday morning
10. Just found out that McDonald's has a new Rolo McFlurry...can't wait to try it...maybe tonight

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