Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mommies Weekend in LBI

Just got back from my first trip to Long Beach Island and I really wish I could have spent more than a night there and stayed for, like the whole summer.  I had such a great time relaxing with my friends Lauri and Allie and their little munchkins Finley and Colin.  Even though Blake wasn't that big of a fan of the sand or ocean, I think that he had a blast chasing the two of them around and pretending that he was a big kid too.  Here's a few pics from our trip...I was hoping to snap a few more, but with the 3 monkeys around it was a little tough to get a free moment.  I have to say though I think that the 3 mommies were total Rock Stars for making this such a great day for all of us!  Can't wait to get a chance to go back.......

Stopping for Breakfast at Ihop
Fin's Cheeese Face
Allie and the little ones
Mmm Cheetos on the Beach
Successful Beach Nap
Unsuccessful Beach Nap
Goofy Face
I also just have to call out how GORGEOUS the Carbone's beach house is....OMG.  It's my idea of what a perfect vacation house should be.  A big thank you to them for letting us destroy it for a few days....and a HUGE thank you to Lauri for the invite!

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