Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Things (Week of July 8th)

Left Side:
1 - This Dinosaur BBQ Cookbook that I found.....really want to get it
2 - Favorite SYTYCD Routine this week:  Audrey and Matt's Titanic Routine by Travis
3 - Just discovered "The Next Food Network Star" obsession
4 - This picture of Adalyn on a windy day
5 - The new chapter in my favorite Time Management game came out

6 - This picture of Blake that Lauri took on the beach

Right Side:
7 - Oragami Flowers that Jon made me while I was in LBI
8 - Real Flowers that Jon planted in the backyard
9 - New Coach Sunglasses that I only paid $17 for!
10 - Delicious favorite way to eat them - dipped in butter and then Crystal's hot sauce

1 comment:

  1. I love these top 10 lists you do!!

    Also - Jon made you oragami flowers?! That is ridiculously sweet! I'm going to yell at Mike now that I didn't get any oragami flowers while I was gone. ;)


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