Friday, July 20, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado.....

Although I try to keep this blog as positive as I can, I would feel extremely trivial if I didn't at least acknowledge the tragedy that happened in Aurora, Colorado last night.  As I get things ready for Blake's birthday tomorrow, my heart is heavy thinking about the parents who lost their children last night for absolutely no reason.

I would like to say that I know over the next few days we'll start to hear a serious discussion about gun control in this country, but sadly that's not true.  Instead, we'll hear about how the movie is to blame, or how if everyone in that theater had a gun the body count would have been lower, all while refusing to call this man a domestic terrorist.

I try hard to understand how anybody enjoys guns and feels safer with them in their house, as the thought of holding a gun honestly makes me nauseous to think about.  Gun control is one issue I am passionate about, and while I don't want to go on a rant, I'll just say that when things like this happen how can we not all come together and say that there is something broken with our system that desperately needs to be fixed???

My thoughts go out to everyone who lost a loved one in CO last night, and to everyone still waiting to hear if their loved ones are ok!

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