Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Things (Bday Edition!)

It's been a sad week at Casa de Boehmke, so I did not get to post a Top Ten list from last week.  To make up for it I've put together a special Birthday Edition for this week with some great memories from yesterday and some great gifts from my friends and family.  Enjoy!

Top Row:
1) Season 2 of Downton Abbey DVD from Karen...can't wait to watch
2) Watching Michael Phelps win his last Olympic a little teary
3) Birthday Dinner w/my family
4) Happy Birthday President Obama!

Middle Row:
5) Blake will not keep a hat on for more than .5 seconds, but he kept this basketball toy on his head for a good 5 minutes....what a weirdo
6) Thank you to everyone for the Facebook love!!  I have so many great friends

Bottom Row:
7) Getting to enjoy a super relaxing message in the afternoon
8) Super yummy chocolates from my Aunt Nancy.....this is my perfect combination - salt, caramel, and chocolate
9) My beautiful new necklace from my wonderful husband
10) The best boys any woman could ask for!!!

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