Monday, October 15, 2012

What's for Dinner....Pizza w/Bacon, Tomato, and Arugula

One day over the summer I stopped at Trader Joe's to quickly pick up a few things in between running errands.  While I was checking out, this old man behind me decided to get all indignant about me buying some pre-made pizza dough because it "only took seconds" to make your own at home.  First of all....I'm at Trader Joe's buying all organic, whole wheat pizza dough - give me a freaking break! does not take "seconds" to make pizza dough.  And ultimate response to the guy was that I have a 9 month old at home and when you have a 9 month old, every second counts.

Hopefully one day when I'm retired I will have enough time to make my own pizza dough as well as grow my own vegetables and harvest my own wheat...until then, I really recommend Wegman's pre-made whole wheat pizza dough.  I have an endless supply of pizza recipes that I want to try and this crusts really tastes great with just about all of them, and it gives me the chance to make personal pizzas for Jon and myself, and then make a Blake-friendly version as well.

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