Monday, January 28, 2013

Go and see....Silver Linings Playbook

Just from the previews for this movie, I had a feeling that I was going to love not surprisingly I did.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are great and I think these roles were perfect for them at this time in their careers.  There's nothing I hate more then movies that just expect you to buy two people as a couple without ever showing them actually enjoying time together outside of a bedroom.  With Tiffany and Pat, not only do you see how these two messed up individuals actually work better together than apart, but you see how they work together within their families.  My favorite seen is between Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Deniro (in his first really good role since, let's say Heat?) where you think the entire family is headed for disaster, but somehow together they are able steer themselves forward instead of off a cliff.

It's also always fun to see your hometown featured in a movie, and Philadelphia is absolutely a character all on it's own in this movie.  Plus there's Ballroom dancing, lots of Eagles talk, and Chris Tucker.  If any of that sounds up your alley then I highly recommend this movie.

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