Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 10 Guiltiest Pleasures (TV Edition)

In honor of yet another day spent quarantined in my bedroom fighting off the never-ending plague of 2012, I present my Top 10 guiltiest pleasure TV shows - all perfectly suitable for sick days.  Feel free to leave your own secret shames in the comment section.

Toddlers and Tiaras - I know, say what you want but trust me....Highly Questionable Parents + High Glitz = High Entertainment Value.
Dance Moms - As fun as it is to watch the certifiable nutjob moms on this show, the best part hands down is watching the incredibly talented, and somehow still down-to-earth, girls perform at the end of each episode.
Say Yes to the Dress - Vicarious way to live through all of those wedding fantasies little girls dream of....gentleman will never understand
Pysch -
Fact #1: Psych is now in it's 7th season
Fact #2: I am still the only person I know who watches this show
 Fact #3: Still have no idea why #2 is true.
Dule Hill (aka Charlie from the West Wing), extremely random and obscure Pop Culture references, witty dialogue, Corbin Bernsen! - what more could you want?
ANTM - Yes, I will still be watching Miss Banks when this show is in it's 50th cycle and the non-stop marathons on Oxygen
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Why doesn't every couple in America watch this show?  It's on every year when football season begins and features very scantily clad cheerleaders trying to make the team while being constantly told that they're too fat.  Something for everyone!
Hoarders - Guaranteed to make your house seem 100% cleaner after each viewing, and the best motivator to finally throw out that stack of magazines collecting dust on your coffee table.
Real Housewives of..... - I just don't know how to quit you!  Favorites are still Beverly Hills and New Jersey, but on a bad day any installment in the franchise will do, except for DC of course.
Snapped - Should just be called "Crazy Bitches Kill their Husbands" Jon likes to say, they somehow turn 15 minutes of content into a 60 minute show mostly by adding some of the BEST stock footage shots you will ever see.  Our new "watch while we fall asleep" show
Anything on ID Discovery - After having seen every Snapped episode at least 5 times, I have recently stumbled across the ID Discovery channel - which is basically 24 hours of nonstop murder mystery shows (Deadly Women, Evil Twins, Pretty Bad Girls) or as I like to think of it, "How to spot the Crazies in your Neighborhood"

I am right now watching "Nightmare Next Door" and will be for at least the next 8 hours before I drown myself in cold medicine for the night. Hope you have enjoyed the embarrassing contents of my DVR and be sure to stay tuned for more Guilty Pleasure lists this year!

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