Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 5 BEST and WORST Housewives

To celebrate the return of the Real Housewives of NJ, and my inability to stop watching these damn shows!, enjoy my list of my favorite (and the most irritating) housewives of all time.....


Lisa from RHOBH
Queen Vanderpump will always reign supreme no matter what she does....throw in Ken, Giggy, and Brandy and she rules over the perfect Housewives kingdom.
Bethany from RHONY
I hold a special place in my heart for Bethany because I identify with her soooo much! Sarcastic, prone to putting their foot in their mouth, feelings of inferiority. Get it girl for making it to the top on your own! Laugh all the way to the bank.
Kathy from RHONJ
The most down to earth housewife ever and the only one you'd actually like to model your life after.....loving husband, respectful kids, great cook, able to not punch Theresa in the face...Class A woman.
Heather from RHOC
Just when I thought the OC was going completely off the rails, along comes sarcastic/smart Heather....bonus points for her absolutely GORGEOUS house.
Yolanda from RHOBH
My new favorite housewife....half of what she says leaves a big ? on your face...but the other half is so honest/direct (things that all housewives love to claim they are) that you can't help but respect her...plus - damn woman - you make me almost want to give the master cleanse a try.


Teresa from RHONJ
This one really needs no explanation - soooo deluded, sooooooo dumb, sooooooo much ugly fashion....please just kick her off!!
Danielle from RHONJ
I still can't get over Danielle....added nothing except headaches and awkward moments of terrible parenting....WHY do you make your 16 year old daughter go to her first OBGYN appointment on a TELEVISION SHOW!
Alexis from RHOC
Probably the dumbest of all the housewives I've ever seen.....the woman has no original thought in her brain or her ridiculously gigantic boobs. The self-righteousness, the blind support of her even dumber husband, the narcissism....thank god she's been relegated to the background this season. Nothing makes me happier then when Heather puts her in her place.
Mikaela from RHODC
I really didn't mind the DC franchise, except the glaring bleach blonde moron Mikaela and her con artist husband. Even leaving aside the "crashing the White House" fiasco, these two were just cringe-inducing every time they were onstage.
The whole cast of Atlanta
The most deluded/crazy/annoying bunch of housewives that EVER existed...and that is quite an accomplishment!

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