Monday, August 5, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Things...End of June

Top Row:
1. Top Chef Masters is back- Go Bryan Voltaggio, but your albino, goat head, spiked hair sous chef really creeps me out!
2. Vacation time is finally here!!!!!!
3. Starting to look at real estate plans for the future
4. Blake enthralled with the Simpsons...that's my boy
5. The cuteness of Blake and Addie walking hand in hand

Bottom Row:
6. Made it through Blake's Bday without being on bedrest or in serious pain....Goal #1 accomplished
7. Getting Blake's big boy room ready
8. A fun, but exhausting, weekend with the family for Blake's bday
9. Seeing my adorable niece Josie and getting excited for her new cousin to arrive
10. Watching the food channel and having the Zesty Italian guy pop up from time to time

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