Saturday, February 22, 2014

A boy named G.O.B

For anybody wondering, yes, we did make those his initials on purpose.  We were going to name him Oscar, but I was afraid kids would call him Oscar the Grouch or Oscar Meyer, so we changed that to his middle name and went with naming him after a failed "illusionist" instead.  But who could resist this face??

Even though he's been here for 4 months already, I wanted to give a proper spotlight to our cuddle bug Grayson.  I can't say enough times how wonderful he is!!  He is the sweetest, smiliest little boy I've ever known and I just want to cuddle him all day long.  To see his eyes light up with glee when I go in to wake him up in the morning --- It warms my heart every single day.  I can't wait until he is old enough to run around with his brother Blake, but for now he just likes to watch him run around by himself like a crazy man.

I feel incredibly lucky to this happy, healthy little boy in my life.  Stay just as sweet and smiley forever and ever!!!!!

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