Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy New Year!!......What do you mean it's already February????

So between having a baby, raising a 2 year old, working, Thanksgiving/Christmas, buying a new house, and trying to cram 6 months worth of home repairs into 2 months....let's just say I am now finally getting a chance to concentrate on my blog again (note: I WOULD NOT recommend tackling all of the above, unless you're looking to lose weight!  Just put together crazy stress, not eating, and carrying around a newborn and you've got Lindsey's full-proof weight loss solution *patent pending).

But now that things are starting to calm down (please???) I'm going to make a new effort to keep up and post a new "Ten things I'm Happy about" list each week as well as pics of fun recipes I've made, tons of pics of my boys, and soon to be tons of pics of my plans for our new house!  So let's ring in 2014 just a wee bit late with my first Top Ten list of the year:

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1. My Peanut - Look to my last post for my full Grayson feature, but he deserves another shout out here for making me happy every day

Clockwise from top
2. The Olympics - sad that the closing ceremonies are already tomorrow.  I have one more day to reach my goal of watching all gold medal winners....only about 5 left to go
3. Picking out Paint Swatches for the new house - going for a Gray base with touches of blue
4. My new lamps - Been lusting over these at Target, then saw them in my HGTV magazine...took that as a sign to just buy them
5. Finally moving ahead in Candy Crush - ended my months long ban and cruising along nicely again
6. Fresh flowers in the house - buy them for the Open Houses, but keep them around for the smiles they put on my face
7. My 1st Pinterest board - finally made my own Pinterest board to document the gone, but so not forgotten, ABC nursery
8. Addie at Dave and Busters - somehow she won 1,000!!! tickets at this game...none of us can figure out how she did it or even the general rules of how to play it....but to see her with this un-ending stream of tickets was priceless
9. Pics of our house - I don't toot my own horn too much, but I am incredibly proud of how my house came out
10. House is up for sale - after weeks of working late into the night, snowstorms, Superbowls,  CLEANING, and god only knows what else.....the house is up on the market

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