Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Things....Week of 3/17

Top Row
1. Getting a dinner out with Jon and Grayson...Unlike Blake, GOB quietly played with toys and did not have to be walked around for 30 minutes while we took turns eating.  This opens up a whole new world for us!
2. The wonderful Get Well sign that my boys made for me while round 2 of the plague took residence in my bedroom
3. Just discovered "Worst Cooks in America"....I'll basically watch anything that has Bobby Flay
4. If I had a Top 10 Things for the year post, the Japanese Mickey Mouse washcloth that my dad brought back would definitely make it (note to self: remember to do Top 10 Things for the year post)
5. Taking a walk with Grayson around our new neighborhood.....really solidified that this will be our new home

Bottom Row
6. Finally got to sit down with Jon and watch a movie (Nebraska)!  Bonus - it was really good!! It really reminded me of my mom and dad's family's back in the midwest and hit home
7. Miss Josephine's 1st bday....glad I got a cute pic of her with her fancy headband on before it went MIA
8. These light switch covers I discovered at Lowes...they will be mine....oh yes they will be mine
9. Finally getting the kitchen backsplash up!  Now I 1) Do not have to move 10 pounds of tile and 2) have learned a lot of valuable lessons when I go to do this again
10. Blake riding Cash.....always hit or miss whether Cash is game for this, so happy I got a cute pic as evidence

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