Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things.....Week so 3/3 and 3/10 (aka the Plague slowed me down edition)

Top Row
1. I need to get this kid a haircut!  Every day it's an adventure to see what a "peaceful" night's sleep has produced
2. Now that the house craziness has died down a bit, we're trying to re-install a bedtime story routine for the boys (Blake's favorite is to have me read Corduroy while he brings in his stuffed animals)
3. Really needed to get out of the house - luckily I had a cute little niece to visit
4. Finally decided to give up and give in to loving Frozen...now to make Addie an Elsa dress
5. It's not real Chicago Deepdish, but I'll take it every now and then!  Thanks for braving the 422 craziness for dinner with us Mom and Dad

Bottom Row
6. New favorite ID Discovery show - Obsession.  It's not a uplifting show by any means, but it really makes you feel like you're watching a movie instead of a bad re-enactment.
7. Happy Birthday Miss Josephine!
8. BEST GIFT EVER - a new universal remote control from Eaphis.  Cannot tell you how long I've been cursing our old one
9.  FINALLY getting to take a walk with the little man and Cash....god it's been soooo loooooong
10. Thank god that my little GOB is feeling better and back to his smiley smiley self!

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