Thursday, March 27, 2014

West Elm Summer Wish List

I absolutely love just about everything that West Elm sells, but haven't gotten a chance to actually buy anything from there.  That will definitely change when we move in (and get a chance to save some $$).  In the meantime, here is some of the stuff that I have my eye on from their newest Summer collection.  This is my first attempt at a mood board.....going to try to share more over the next few months.

1. These are actually Oil and Vinegar bottles.  Don't know why but I love them
2. Think I can figure out a way to make a pillow that looks very similar with some painters tape and fabric paint
3. This print reminds me of a leaf painting that I did using Styrofoam as an ink plate.  Might need to try my hand at that technique again
4. This lamp just screams "Eaphis" to me
5. Probably just me, but I really want this sculpture somewhere in my house
6. Thinking a rug w/a simple print like this for my bedroom
7. Obsessed with thinking about my big linen closet (ours today is comically small) and all the organization that can take place in it
8. I love this Color Study;  they had 2 others in green and blue for a really decent price
9. These are constellation candle holders;  would be great inside or on a patio table
10. Everyone will call me crazy, but I am dead set on getting these chairs for my living room (as long as they're comfy) even though they're part of a patio set

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