Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things - The Chicago Weekend Edition!

Top Row
1 - Asking Addie about Frozen and being told consistently that JoJo is Olaf...she does like warm hugs
2 - My Pedicure/Girl Talk date with Leslie - we need to do that again in at least another 5 years : )
3 - This selfie that I found on my phone after getting back to the table
4 - My pimped out hotel....there was a TV in the bathroom mirror!
5 - Sharing the premier of Frozen in our household w/Blake the night before I left

Bottom Row
6 - Knowing that my boys were taken care and loved of even when I wasn't there
7 - This Throw Back photo my Aunt brought out to lunch of me and my parents
8 - The Welcome Back Video Jon made.....I will love this forever and ever and ever
9 - Getting to spend time w/my nieces
10 - Being able to take a looooonnnnngggg relaxing bath

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