Saturday, June 14, 2014

Things I'll Miss About Pottstown

Blake's School - He went there since he was 8 months old and just about every teacher/kid/administrator knew who he was.  Really hard to take him away from that

Giovanni's Pizza - If you've ever eaten there with us, you know exactly why it will be very hard to live without this place!

The Schuykill River Trail - perfect place to take the boys and Cash to stroll and throw rocks.  Happy that we got lots of pics during our last family photo session

Craft Ale House - We will definitely be making treks back to this place, but it'll stink not living only 10 minutes away

The Spring Valley YMCA - If you're thinking LDale Y, you're very mistaken.  Going to outdoor pool was basically like spending the day at a small water park.  Another place we will take day trips to

Our House - Even though there were a million reasons to move when we did, we will always miss our first house.  It was wonderful and will always be the place we started our family

The Playground - We spent countless weekend afternoons and nights at the little playground around the corner from the house.  I can remember taking Blake down the slide in my lap for the first time, and it was a great touchstone to see how big he was getting

The Little Gym Crew - Blake (and he LG BF Lila) started going there when they were both around a year and it's amazing to compare these two big kids to the little wobbly guys who first started!  Time to move on (and start again with the 2nd generation) but this place will always hold fond memories for me

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