Monday, August 11, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things - June/July Roundup

Welcome back Suckers Avid Readers
(sorry...have been watching a lot of "The League" lately getting ready for Football Season).  

After a brief summer hiatus, I'm back!  I've added a few posts on some of my faves including Blake's Bday, some crafty time, and yummy food....but here's what you've all come to see - my latest top ten list.  So please enjoy some of the highlights from the last two months and stay tuned for next week for an all new list

Top Row
1. Grown Up night out at Morton's for our 5th Anniversary
2. My nieces in their adorable Frozen Nightgowns
3. Finally getting to take a fancy Family picture
4. These shortbread cookies from Wegmans - OMG they are the Bomb Diggity!!!  Go get some right now!!
5. My little GOB crawling and sitting up by out ladies he's on the move

Bottom Row
6. Getting to cook in my new kitchen with the Blake monster...we've got pizza and pancakes down
7. Spending a lot of time outside this summer with the boys; pretty proud of my sidewalk chalk monsters
8. Visiting the National Aquarium with the boys - Blake's love of fish will never die
9. Some late night fun on Long Beach Island - easily the most relaxing moment of the last year was sitting on the beach right before sunset watching Blake play
10. Getting to make small, steady improvements to the new house - like this awesome soon to be light fixture that I found at Home Goods

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