Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things....Week of 8/10

Top Row
1. Bringing the boys to Allentown and introducing them to DCI for the first time
2. The Tile shop Montgomeryville is open!!
3. The kickass new trees and bushes that the landscaper installed
4. My new kitchen towel bar...don't let it deceive you, this thing was a real bitch to put in
5. Tried out a new bathroom cleaner based on some recommendations...loving how it cleans and the smell

Bottom Row
6. Celebrating my dad's birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese...this ride didn't give out any tickets, but kept all three kids entertained for at least 10 minutes
7. My little GOB growing up way to fast....standing up and now starting to cruise the living room
8. Filling up my Photo Carousel from Pottery Barn
9. Making it through the weekend watching the boys by myself, and actually having a fun time doing it!
10. Our new couch from IKEA, which is already a really expensive dog bed

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