Friday, September 12, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things......Week of 9/8

Top Row
1. The League is finally back!  Wednesday date night at 10pm for me and Jon - GO
2. Finally got a chance to check out the new Container Store in KOP...I could spend a day in there
3. Getting this picture of my freespirited boys while at the Container Store
4. Comfortable Flats w/a little sass for the fall - Check
5. Finding a huge box of these awesome single packs of Guacamole at Costco

Bottom Row
6. First week of Fantasy Football = 1-0 in all 3 of my leagues....Suck It
7. Beautiful flowers from my boys....the big ones are from Jon, the little yellow one in the front is from Blake
8. Sometimes just getting piping hot fries from McDonalds can change your whole day
9. Happy Third Birthday to my beautiful niece Adalyn! I hope she likes the cake set I made her
10. I love these three guys - but finally getting a weekday morning and afternoon to myself for the first time in 11 months felt REALLLLLY GOOOOOOOD

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