Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Craft time with Blake

Getting this one up before I have a chance to forget!  Since it's been way too cold to go anywhere, Blake and I took Tuesday to work on our Thanksgiving craft (before, you know, Thanksgiving).  I wanted something pretty simple, so I settled on this easy painted tree from Pinterest.  We traced Blake's arm in the morning, and then he actually was good long enough for me to paint the tree (!!), before he got to fingerpaint the leaves after lunchtime.

As you can see, Blake is more of a "march to your own drummer" kinda painter, so it didn't turn out exactly as I was thinking but hey - It does look like a tree!  Now it's chilling on the mantel w/some corn and pumpkins.  I asked Blake how it looked and he said "It looks GREAT mommy!" so I call that a MomWin

**Side note - one of the best recent purchases I've bought was a huge plastic table cloth roll from Party City for GOBs bday.  Now I just whip it out for craft time and throw it away afterwards.  Double MomWin!

In my last craft post I mentioned that I was trying to work on decorating my front door more, so that's what I'm calling my Thanksgving craft for the year.  I picked up these beautiful lanterns at AC Moore and sprayed them with Rust-O-Leum rust proof spraypaint since I don't think they're necessarily meant to be outside.  Blake and I went a little crazy at the pumpkin patch, where I also got a pretty purple Mum - note to self: next year get a heavy pot to put it's looking a little worse for the wear after being blown off the porch MANY times this fall.  The thing I'm most proud of is my little box crate - which was my first attempt at staining something.  It was leftover from Blake's bday so I used some never used stain I had in the garage, stole from sealer from my dad, took an afternoon, and Voila....I love how it turned out and it's held up great throw the weather.

So that wraps up my fall up - cooking Thanksgiving and then onward to getting ready for Xmas!

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