Monday, November 17, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things - MEGA SIZED EDITION

I've been collecting favorite things for the last month and a half but just haven't gotten a chance to blog any of here is a mid-fall dump of all the things that have made me smile recently : )

Back to the weekly updates next week - PROMISE

1. Enjoying the beautiful fall weather by doing super Fall-ee things w/the Blake Monster
2. My dad's new frequent trips to London = lots of Cadbury chocolate for me
3. Mr. GOB learning to stand up
4. The beautiful red maples they planted outside of my house
5. Cash's decision to take up residence in the circus tent

2nd ROW
6. Having a fence!!!!!
7. Picnics outside the Doylestown Library....I used to go there when I was young so I love that I can take my boys there now
8. Celebrating GOBs bday at Chuck E Cheese...he was a little confused by his cake
9. Bare Essentials Eye Shadow - got a new 8 pack from my awesome eyeshadow I've ever used hands down
10.  Halloween w/the Monkey and the Lobster

3rd ROW
11. Craft Saturdays w/Blake - nice to spend 1:1 time together each week
12. Having a garage door opener!!!!
13. Awesome new hair color by my favorite stylist ever...when I get a chance to blow dry it it looks GREAT
14. Creepy Rob Lowe - just when I thought my love for him couldn't get any greater
15. Night out with Jon at this DELICIOUS restaurant in Doylestown.  Decided to be classy for once and not take pics of all of the food, but the B.E.L.T (pork belly, roasted tomato spread, grilled sourdough served over an Ostrich Egg Yolk!!) still makes my mouth water

16. I have been waiting since I started playing TAPPED OUT to have the catapult in my town square to launch cats from...and yes, that is George Washington chilling in the bottom corner
17. The day GOB was so tired he fell asleep sitting up, and then fell over
18. Finally getting some art up on the wall in GOBs room
19. Blake's new favorite saying - "I like you mommy"....heart melts every time
20. GOB's new favorite game - playing hide and seek in the tent....heart melts every time

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