Sunday, November 23, 2014

Top Ten Favorite Things...Week of 11/16

1. First trip to the Please Touch Museum...had a wonderful time w/my brother, SIL, and nieces
2. This is super nerdy but my free Color Deck fan from Sherwin Williams is one of my favorite things EVER
3. Getting to meet Olaf
4. A real girls night out with some of my favorite ladies!
5. No more Mr. Wobbly legs - my GOB is a walking machine (here he is getting some help from big bro)

6. Blake's been learning about one letter a week and bringing them glad I finally got around to hanging them up....I have no idea what happened to the F, and the J is MIA
7. Soccer Season is over, but Blake came so far and I think had a great time with his dad
8. My new-sew Roman shade for the bathroom...once again thank you Young House Love
9. The Wegmans driving carts are perfect for shopping with both boys....I just wish they had more of them
10. Storytime at the Doylestown library 

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