Friday, December 12, 2014

Top 10 Favorite Things - Weeks of 11/23 and 11/30

1. Getting some paint samples up on the walls!  Only 5 more months til we can officially start painting
2. Someone is starting to take after his mom...I used to love taking things out of the cabinets too
3. Our Xmas Simpsons house - thanks mom!
4. I wish I had taken this pic w/the good camera....I love his expression
5. Snow day with Pappy - that is actually a boogie board he's riding

6. 1992 Lindsey is LOVING the Salt N Peppa Geico ads - Note: Spinderella still looks REALLY good
7. Our Thanksgiving spread...the goat cheese mashed potatoes were delicious
8. Blake was the Star of the Week at school
9. My project for the month - turning our coat closet into a toy closet just in time for more toys to take over the house
10. I shouldn't have pasted this Bacon Mushroom Melt I reallllly want one

11. New official Chucky walker
12. Best Black Friday purchase - these awesomely comfy and warm mocassins
13. Take that Christmas!!  I'm ready for ya
14. Joanne Gaines is on pinterest??? Who knew?
15. I'm late on this one, but the "Shake It Off' aerobic video mash up deserves a huge shout out

16. Breaking out my favorite candle ever - Winter from Bath & Body works...seriously - go buy this candle!
17. Christmas Personal project - our new wreaths; love how they go with the Colonial look of the house
18. "Property Brothers at Home" is great - the house they're working on is ridiculous and it has more brother banter per minute then a regular episode
19. Blake's new basketball jersey...he wore it all day long after his first practice
20. THIS is how you do Black Friday

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