Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

I was going to get a December/January round-up blog posted first (cross my fingers that I get to that tomorrow) but thought it would be more fun to share what me and the monster's have been up to for Valentine's Day First.

Valentine's Day Dessert - Chocolate Mousse with Puffed Pastry Hearts

I found this really easy idea on Pinterest to just take a toilet paper roll and turn it into a heart stamp with a simple piece of scotch tape - easy peasy right!  

I bought some pre-cut hearts and gave the boys some pink, purple and red paint and thought this would be the perfect thing to make for all of the girls in their life.

Well - like most things with the Boehmke Boys, that lasted about 5 minutes.  Then we decided it was more fun to mix or eat the paints (depending on the kid) and the stamps ended up on the ground.  I have to say though, Blake made some REALLY GREAT hearts and gave his favorite one to his self-proclaimed Valentine (his cousin Addy).

I'm happy to say that my Valentine's Day project turned out a bit more successful.  I found this really cute/simple button covered heart on Pinterest.  The black/white/red color scheme is not my thing, so I picked up some really pretty shades of blue and some white buttons instead.  I taped off lines on a piece of canvas, and used one of the pre-cut hearts that the boys used as a template for my felt heart.  Then I used my handy hot glue gun to randomly place the buttons and Voila

For a final touch I added a super sappy signature....right now it's chilling on the mantel.  I don't really do a lot of Valentine's Day decorating, but I think this will be a nice sweet memento to bring out every year.

Hope everyone got to spend some time with the ones they love - I know I did

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