Saturday, February 28, 2015

Top 10 Favorite Things - February

1. A few much needed days alone at the Mohegan Sun...bonus - I won $26 at the penny slots
2. The Panera in Quakertown has a DRIVE THRU!!! This is going to be dangerous
3. This picture of my niece celebrating her big girl bed - VICTORY
4. No more bottles for this silly guy
5. The way my bathroom is shaping up

6. My new impulse buy - I found a 100 year old window frame from an old barn;  plan is to eventually turn it into a mirror for above the fireplace
7. My great husband who took me to the antique store by our house for Valentines day (he said it wasn't as bad as he thought...for some reason he thought the whole things would be full of lamps)
8.  Thank you to my friend Allison for showing us the awesome indoor playground/coffee shop by our house
9. Blake starting to get through the night dry - almost there
10. The Sprint Narwhal commercial - those 10 seconds make my day

Also - I found more pictures of yummy food that we've tried out over the last few idea why I didn't look in this folder my last go around but enjoy:

Ruben Dip - awesome for football watching

Grits and Crawfish
Parmesean Chicken with Potato/Pancetta Hash

Roasted Apple Napoleons

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