Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hey Lindsey - where you been at??

Well let me tell you - the big reason I've been extremely MIA lately is that I've been working on an incredibly special (albeit stressful) project for a very good friend of mine.  I had the extreme pleasure of making the invitations for her beautiful wedding last month.  I am planning on sharing the final product at some point because I'm really happy with how well they came out, but for now let me just say that from December until a few weeks ago - I was heads down in this project and am finally really coming up for air and ready to get back to sharing some of my favorite things.

So without further ado - here is a new TOP TEN FAVORITE THING LIST....enjoy : )

1. Not only has Blake joined me in my love for Nutella, I also discovered a secret stash that I forgot I had in the basement!  And added bonus, I now have tiny brown handprints all over my walls like at the end of the Blair Witch Project
2. Sometimes I remind myself how lucky I am to have a little guy who sleeps soooooo well
3. After a little scare with our pup, Cash is back to acting like himself again
5. Does anyone else go through periods where they get really into CHOPPED and then pretend like they're on an episode when they're cooking in the kitchen?  No - just me?

6. Grown up night out for Jon's Birthday at Ooka....been too long since we had some delicious Sushi
7. Thank you to our friend's Sarah and Haig for introducing us to Smith Playground - what a great place to play, and did I mention there was a WAFFLE FOOD TRUCK parked right out front??
8. For all of those people who give a small chuckle when I tell them to zip up their purses around this guy - I give you Exhibit A
9. My brother and sister-in-law, who not only took on the overwhelming task of watching all 4 kids while we were at my friend's wedding - but somehow got them to all willingly take a bath together!!!
10. In memory of this incredibly delicious guilty treat that has already been taken off the menu - we didn't get enough time together but I will always remember you

And even though I've been focusing most of my time on my invitation project, don't let that fool you....We've still had plenty of things going on around this look out for lots of new posts this week.

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