Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Blake!!

I am now the mother of a 4 year old - that seems crazy!!!  I didn't seem like such a big deal until I started to say it out loud, but for some reason the jump from 3 - 4 feels incredibly huge.

As I'm sure anyone who has just gone through a Year 3 with their own child will understand, it's been a year of huge ups, and huge downs - but today and going forward I want to just focus on the ups...so here goes -

In the last year you've learned how to swim all by yourself;  you've learned to play soccer, basketball, and baseball;  you've made new friends and started to come out of your shell;  you continue to amaze me with your knowledge - just the other day you told me that "Charlotte is a spider" and "Wilbur is a Pig";  you've invented dance moves, helped Pappy plant a vegetable garden, and learned that you can have fun playing with your brother.  You continue to melt my heart with every "I love you" and make me laugh everyday.  For all of those reasons and more - I am incredibly proud of you and so happy that I have your smile to light up my life.

Happy Birthday to my Favorite 4 year Old!
I love you Blake

And for fun, here's some of my favorite party ideas from Blake's Hot Wheels Bday


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