Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Things: Countdown to XMas

Top Row
1. GOB will press the buttons on his XMas Charlie Brown books and dance and I will just watch and smile
2. Nothing like spending some time with your cousins playing dress up
3. "Wait - I have to do some push-ups before bedtime" - way to go Blake
4. XMas cookie decorating with my brother and his family....big reason why we got a bigger kitchen!
5. New FIXER UPPER episodes - Merry XMas Mommy!

Bottom Row
6. The god's of organization have smiled upon us - if you are looking for awesome kitchen organizing tools check out "Rev-A-Shelf"....I could OD on their products
7. My city + my boys + skating + an excellent dinner = could not ask for a better way to celebrate the holidays!
8. Watching my boys decorate the tree together
9. Watching my boys in their XMas pageants
10. New TOP CHEF episodes - Happy New Years Mommy!

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