Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Things: Late Fall Edition

Top Row
1. Apple picking with the grandparents and the cousins - can't wait to go again next year
2. Movie night with my boys - clearly they were enthralled
3. Happy Birthday to our Cash the Dog - so dapper
4. A sparkling clean fridge - more elusive than bigfoot!
5. After going through a winter with skin that rivaled a prune splurged on some super fancy products that seem to be doing the trick

Bottom Row
6. Crushing my Black Friday shopping
7. Spending some 1:1 time with my Blake monster on Tuesdays
8. Wegmans PB+J Shortbread cookies.....yummmmmmm
9. Can't believe it but I can fit in a size 6 jean again!  Thank you Zumba!!!
10. Jon's response when I sent him this pic - "He's the strangest, coolest guy I know.  I love him"

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