Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday GOB!

Just last week I took GOB to his gymnastics and was sitting in the lobby working while he was in class.  A few minutes into class the woman in front of me asked "Who's little boy is the one in the gray shirt?"  I knew she was talking about GOB and I honestly thought "Oh please tell me he still has his pants on" I stood up to look the woman said "He is the happiest little guy!  He has had the biggest smile on his face since they started class!"   Those are the moments that make me feel so lucky to be his mom!

Although we've definitely started to feel the two (and three) year old blues, GOB is still the same crazy, smiley, undeniably unique little man that he's always been.  He is finally starting to talk more and even though Jon and I are sometimes the only ones that can understand him, I secretly love's like we have our own little language that connects us as a family.

Me, your dad, and your big brother all love you very much and we wish you the happiest third birthday!!  Now let's get ready for Chuck-E-Cheese (or as GOB calls it "Hach-ee)!!

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