About Me

Welcome to Hilltown House – located in the heart of picturesque Bucks County Pennsylvania.  If you want a little peak into what life looks like here check out the show “Stone House Revival” on DIY Network where the awesome host Jeff Devlin works on the historic homes that pepper our little towns.

I’ve spent the last 4 years transforming our brand new, builder grade house into a unique and happy place to spend time with my 4 boys (my two little ones, my husband, and yes even the dog is a boy…I am incredibly out-numbered here people!)  I started this blog not just as a way to share the joy that I get out of being creative, but to get over the fear and self-doubt I’ve always had of putting myself out there.  I love to add my own custom furniture and art into my rooms and keep things bright, calm, and comfortable.

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and have carved out this little corner of the web to put my brand of positivity out into the world.  I am thankful every day to be fortunate enough to spend my time, energy, and yes also money, on making mine and other’s homes a little bit prettier.  By bringing a smile, a bit of happiness, or some inspiration into my reader’s lives I’m hoping to increase my Positive Footprint in this life and inspire others to pass it along.