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    September Round Up

    I know I say that most months seem to fly by, but at least I had a legit reason why September seems to be over before it started.     Between working non-stop at my full-time job for the first three weeks and getting ready for the start of school (including sending our little GOB off to his first day of kindergarden) I basically had one week to collect myself before we launched right into October – so needless to say there wasn’t much going on around HilltownHouse last month, but I did manage to get my seasonal decor out and you can see all the cozy details in my…

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    June Round Up

    We had a lot to celebrate in the last few weeks of June – the end of 1st grade for Blake, the end of pre-school for my little GOB, and the 10 year anniversary of me and my husband.  It was the perfect way to wrap up the spring and jump into the lazy days of summer.  Unfortunately we had one not so celebratory moment when one of our puppies decided to swallow part of his toy and had to get emergency surgery to get it removed (note to dog owners: watch out for those rope toys!)  but I’m happy to say he’s back to his normal goofy self.  With…

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    An Easy and Inexpensive Valentines Day Fondue Party

    Oh how Valentine’s Day changes when you become a parent LOL.  Instead the quiet dinners out of years past, me and my husband started a new tradition a few years ago where we stay home with our boys and stuff ourselves full of cheese and chocolate fondue!  This year I thought it’d be fun to crank up the volume of our little family dinner and turn it into a fun party full of lots of really simple DIYS – and TONS of sugar!       Coming off of the crazy spending frenzy that comes with the holiday’s I really challenged myself to be super thrifty this time around.  In…

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    November Round Up

    I’m pretty sure we just skipped November this year….Honestly, anyone else feel like it was just a blur?  I’m determined no tpt let December pass me by too so we are now fully immersed in the holiday spirit here at Hiltown House!  I’ll be sharing all of the Christmas goodness very soon, but if you missed any of my Thanksgiving posts be sure to check them out: A Warm and Colorful Thanksgiving Table My Thanksgiving Menu   Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar   I am so excited to finally share a project I’ve been working on for a long time with all of you!  Since last Christmas I’ve been putting…

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    August Round Up

    The temperature may still be running high around here, but other than that it definitely feels like it is time for Fall to start.  Before we officially say goodbye to summer though I’m looking back at how we wrapped up this incredibly busy time of year.  If you missed any of my blog posts this month you can check them out at the following links: Changing Things Up in the Living Room My Kitchen Favorites   Our Small Summer Getaways     After the absurdity that was the start of 2018, we decided earlier this year that we weren’t going to take a long family vacation this summer and opted…

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    June Round Up

    How is it time to write another monthly round up already!! If you told me that the universe somehow stole a week out of June I would believe you. I spent most of the month working on two large builds for two very special families – but I someone managed to forget to take pictures of either one (don’t worry, I will grab them soon!)  Only one blog post this month but if you missed my Father’s Day table and menu make sure to check it out: Our Favorite Father’s Day Dinner More Outdoor Progress     We are slowly starting to make progress on both the front and backyard…

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    March Round Up

    Decorating Easter Cookies with Kids   My nieces unexpectedly slept over the other evening, so I planned for one of my favorite things to do with them – decorate cookies.  I’m not gonna lie, trying to manage 4 kids and a potentially messy situation can get a bit crazy!  But over time I’ve put together a few tricks to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. Make sure that each kid has their own space – I set everyone up at my island and give the two little ones stools so they can reach.  Each kid gets their own plate and their own set of cookies.  I also keep my boys…

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    Late Fall / Early Spring Recipe Round Up

    I’ve actually collected some really good recipes over the last few months that I’m finally getting to share.  And I’ve been continuing my monthly chocolate baking project so check out the desserts from March, April, and May at the end! Halibut w/Crispy Shallots and Beet/Goat Cheese Salad – and a yummy green tea/lemonade cocktaile Pasta with Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Finally got the hang of my slow-cooker ribs Fried Pork Chops and Peach Sauce And to satisfy your sweet tooth………. March – Double Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding April – White Chocolate Cake May – Mexican Chocolate Brownie Sundaes

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    Top 10 Favorite Things – February

    TOP ROW1. A few much needed days alone at the Mohegan Sun…bonus – I won $26 at the penny slots2. The Panera in Quakertown has a DRIVE THRU!!! This is going to be dangerous3. This picture of my niece celebrating her big girl bed – VICTORY4. No more bottles for this silly guy5. The way my bathroom is shaping upBOTTOM ROW6. My new impulse buy – I found a 100 year old window frame from an old barn;  plan is to eventually turn it into a mirror for above the fireplace7. My great husband who took me to the antique store by our house for Valentines day (he said it…

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    Happy New Year!! (Yeah I know it’s February)

    I wish I could say the Holiday Season in our house was extra Merry – but our entire household has been going through rotating cases of the plague since before Christmas (starting Xmas Eve, all 4 of us were diagnosed with Strep Throat so it was a bit sad to have to spend those days in quarantine).  I also wish I could say that we made it through with flying colors, but right now I am on the mend from my 2nd case of Strep, and Blake is just getting over some unknown variety of overall runny nose/coughing/fever.  Antibiotics for all!!!!In the midst of all of this, we did manage…