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Guest Bathroom Update – Round 2

Two more projects knocked off the list in the guest bathroom – one big and one small.

Let’s start with the big one – creating two light fixtures where there used to only be one thanks to the next course in the Dave Klebba school of electrical work.  The first course was installing the ceiling fan in our bedroom (which besides tripping the circuit and not realizing it for 20 minutes) went pretty smoothly.

This time, we faced quite a few hurdles, but surprisingly we were able to get around them really easily!  I couldn’t have done it without my co-contractor (and the lessons that he is passing down to me from my grandpa) and am thoroughly impressed with us each time I walk in the bathroom now.

The easy update was taking down the big ugly mirror and replacing it with two medicine cabinets instead.  Jon helped me take down the mirror – ours wasn’t glued to the wall so it was just a matter of figuring out how to get the clips off the wall and being VERY careful not to drop it.

I didn’t want to dig into the wall for these, so I found two that attached right to the wall, and bonus – they have a chalkboard panel on the inside so I can write the boys notes when they grow up like – “Remember to wear deodarant” or “I’m watching you”

So here’s a little before/after comparison – what a difference already!! Oh, and those great little B & G letters – I scooped those up from Michaels.

Before Pic


Gonna take a little break for a while to concentrate on some other things – but next time look for a lot more destruction, and, cross your fingers!, so rebuilding

  • Stain the Vanity and add Hardware
  • Remove and Replace the Shower Tile / Add Shower Niche
  • Replace Shower Fixtures
  • New Shower Rod and Curtain
  • Remove and Replace Floor Tile
  • Add Beadboard and Trim
  • Replace Door Trim
  • Paint
  • Replace Sink Fixtures
  • Replace Light Fixture
  • Add Medicine Cabinets
  • Add Shelves / Hooks / and Accessories

And to officially make it a recurring theme – here’s some pics of both boys from bathtime last night, and one from my little photographer

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