I used to try to share recipes on my blog on a regular basis, but quickly discovered that I wasn’t very good at the regularity part.  But even though I’m not cut out to be a food blogger, I still love to cook (for myself, for my family, and for big crowds!) so I wanted to carve out a spot on my site to share that love and some of my favorite recipes.  Some of these are healthy, some aren’t; some my kids eat, and some they refuse to try; some are easy and some take a little more patience — but they are all yummy and are ones I go back to over and over again!  I’ll keep adding to this page as I keep cooking and provide both the links to the recipes I use as well as my own tips and tricks.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Weeknight Dinners

Weekend Dinners





Father’s Day

Side Dishes and Appetizers