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Take the 52 Week Hilltown House Home Challenge!

If you’ve been following along with my monthly round ups over the last year you know that 52 weeks ago I started a challenge —— a challenge to stop procrastinating and finally knock off the all the home improvement tasks that have been lingering on the bottom of my to do list. And as we get ready to ring in the next decade tomorrow night I am excited to report that I made it through all 52 tasks on my list and damn it feels good!! In fact it feels so good I wanna invite all of you to join in and keep the good feeling going by officially starting the 52 Week Hilltown House Home Challenge!
I’m sure you have them – those small annoyances in your home that you know won’t take that long to fix, but somehow never seem to get done……and that’s what the 52 Week Hilltown House Home Challenge is all about. Tackling one item on your to do list each week for an entire year to create a happier home and more importantly a happier you.
Now for the rules……or not! Instead take the bones of this challenge and make them work for you and your lifestyle. But I will offer some advice to make you successful on your path:
  • Start off by walking around your house and making your to do list (don’t forget to include your exterior too for the warmer months!) You can check out my list from last year below to get ideas too
  • Don’t include anything too expensive (I tried not to go above $20) or anything that would take you longer than a day or two to finish
  • Don’t include anything that would be dependent on someone else to do – the last thing you want is to be held up by someone else’s timeline.
  • Tackle the easier things on your list during your busy months and save the more involved tasks for when you have a lighter schedule
  • Stay motivated but give yourself a break if you need to! If you need to skip a week just make it up later or do something easy instead.
Now who’s ready to challenge themselves next year! Let me know by tagging me or using my Hashtag #hilltownhousechallenge whenever you cross something off that list. Let’s cheer each other on and take those 52 steps together this year!




  1. Bought a clock for my bedroom so we can get rid of the cable box in there
  2. Changed the burnt out garage door lightbulbs
  3. Fixed the frames of the living room built ins (the boys kept hanging on them so I had to re-inforce w/some screws)
  4. Scheduled a Purple Heart Pick Up for the donation pile in my bedroom (FYI – this is my favorite way to donate my used items;  they come right to your house and the profits go to support veterans and their families)
  5. Design my Florida house Bedroom makeover and send the shopping list to my mom (you can shop my Amazon board for a similar look)
  6.  Fix the burnt out basement light-bulb
  7.  Add a new hook for the husband’s work backpack (sadly these hooks from Young House Love aren’t sold anymore but I luckily found a bronze one on Ebay that I spray painted white
  8.  Finish adding felt to the command center boxes
  9. Change lightbulb in front yard lantern
  10. Replace the garage door entrance knob and lock
  11. Under Kitchen Sink Storage – I bought this Rev A Shelf one, our plumbing layout made it impossible for it to roll out the way it’s suppose to but it works just perfectly for me as is and I can remove it easily enough to reach behind it.
  12. Fix the stain on the command center
  13. Fix the phone charger box (add phone cord holders)
  14. Donate boxes of old home goods to the Purple Heart
  15. Organize the movies in the loft – I got rid of all the old DVD boxes and sorted them into these compact containers
  16. Fix the Dining Room Outlet
  17. Buy a new vase for the kitchen island (I found the perfect one at a local shop called The Yellow Door)
  18. Add new carpet gripper tape to the small rugs
  19. Fix the corner of the playhouse pit
  20. Replace the broken planter box corners
  21. Patch the hole in the breakfast bar and add new brackets (there was seriously a hole in this wall for the last year!)
  22. Clean and Install Door Knocker (this was given to us from my MIL and engraved with our last name)
  23. Install Ring Doorbell (we got it for Xmas last year but never installed it)
  24. Clean the window screens (my husband helped me knock this one off the list!)
  25. Repaint the bottom of the kitchen Island
  26. Buy new office supplies
  27. Organize the Pantry for school snacks
  28. Get a new frame for the living room shelves………although I checked this one off in a different way than I had originally planned
  29. Install a door stopper in the playroom (I use these magnetic ones throughout the house)
  30. Fix the Lego Prints in the Playroom
  31. Add frames to the DNA prints in the Boys Room
  32. Buy new silverware (we really needed more forks and spoons for when company comes)
  33. Buy new faux eucalpytus for the Guest Room (the faux branches from IKEA are excellent!)
  34. Buy new cord for GOBs tablet
  35. Hang new artwork in the boys room (both prints are from Timothy Anderson Design)
  36. Paint the mudroom shoe baskets (the stripes used to be pink but I never painted the backs of them..shhh!)
  37. Update the Command Center magnetic board
  38. Install solar light-bulbs in garage lanterns (these go on automatically at dusk)
  39. Hang mirror and shelf in my closet
  40. Print missing photoshoot photos for my photo carousel
  41. Re-install baseboard trim on the breakfast bar
  42. Replace broken frame in Mudroom
  43. New doorknob in the guest bathroom
  44. Stain the legs for the living room chair
  45. Hang artwork in the boys room
  46. Buy new Thanksgiving serveware (this pumpkin dutch oven may be one of my favorite purchases ever!)
  47. Add trim to shiplap in the living room
  48. Clean out my office desk
  49. Organize basement workshop supplies
  50. Hang Photo Gallery Frame in basement staircase
  51. Donate toys to Purple Heart before Xmas
  52. Buy new storage tubs for Xmas Decor




January 3, 2020 at 1:52 am

Okay okay. I’ll join your challenge LOL. What next? I’ll share this weekend. My list and what I was able to cross off the long to-do list.

May 17, 2020 at 10:57 pm

I love this! Such a great idea! I feel like I’m always just adding to the list instead of tackling things ALREADY on the list!

    Lindsey Joy
    May 18, 2020 at 2:34 am

    Excellent!!! That was my problem too! Just one thing a week really does go a long way — good luck and let me know how it goes!!

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