DIY Hanging Gallery Wall

These frames only look like they’re hanging.  They’re actually all supported on screws so they always stay straight and are easily accessible to swap out pictures.  These measurements will work for a space that is at least 93″ wide.


IKEA Ribba Frames 16″x 20″

3 IKEA Ribba Frames 12″ x 16″

7 Wooden Hooks (I used the smaller version of these in Black Walnut; they also come with drywall anchors)

1 spool of Black Leather Cord

8 Drywall Anchors and Screws

6 small screws

Blue Painters Tape


Cordless Drill

1/2″ drill bit


Level (I use one with a built in ruler as well as this Ryobi Laser Level)

Measuring Tape


Black Sharpie or Marker


  1. Measure the width of your wall and mark the center;  measure 14 1/4″ down from the top of your wall and mark that spot.  *Where those two marks intersect is where you will install your center hook
  2. Using your level, draw a light pencil line at that height along your wall (if you are using the laser level you can leave it attached it to the wall at the correct height)
  1. From the center mark measure 12 3/4″ on either side 3 times and mark each one with your pencil; you will end up with seven marks total for your seven hooks
  2. With your 1/2″ drill bit, pre-drill a hole at each of your markings.  Gently tap the anchors that came with your wall hooks in each of the holes with your hammer
  3. Measure down from the left-most hole 5 3/8″ (this will be the height you will install the screws for your larger frames);  as you did before, use your level and draw a light pencil line at that height along the wall.  Then mark the intersection of that line and straight down from every other anchor point (you will have 4 intersection lines total)
  4. At each intersection – mark two points 4 1/2″ from the center, or 9″ apart.  Install a drywall anchor and a screw at each of these points.
  5. Screw your wooden hooks into the top anchors.  Twist until they are straight – remember, these will not be holding any weight
  1.  Prepare your frames – using painters paint and a sharpie
    • Mark the center of each large frame to help you line then up later.
    • On the top of each large and small frame frame – Mark 1″ inside from each outside edge and use your drill bit to drill a hole throw the frame at each point.
    • On the front of the center two large frames – Mark 2″ down from the top on each side and pre-drill a small hole; you will add your small screws to these later
    • On the front of the left-most large frame – Mark 2″ down from the top of the right side and pre-drill a small hole; you will add a small screw to this later
    • On the front of the right-most large frame – Mark 2″ down from the top of the left side and pre-drill a small hole; you will add a small screw to this later
  1. To attach the cords – thread one end throw one of your top holes in the larger frames and make a knot.  Hang the frame on the screws you attached to the wall (line the center mark up with pencil line on the wall).  Drape the cord over the wooden hook and cut enough length to reach the other hole and make a knot.  Thread through the second hole and make a knot so that the cord is taught, but loose enough that the frame rests on the two screws.  Repeat for the remaining three large frames.
  1. Add your small screws to the pre-drilled holes on the front of the large frames;  your small frames will rest on these screws and overlap the large frames.
  1. Rest the small frames on the screws and repeat the same procedure to attach the cords.
  2. Clean up any stray pencil marks but keep the lines in the center of each of the larger frames to help you line them up after you add your photos.


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